Field Guide to the Wild Plants of Oman

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:P. & A. H. Patzelt
Number of Pages:281
Publisher:Royal Botanic Garden, Richmond, Surrey
City:Kew, UK
Keywords:Wild Plants of Oman

The short introduction provides an insight into Oman’s geography and environmental diversity. The main sections cover 250 common species, and each account is enhanced by fascinating colour photographs which enable quick identification. For ease of use, plants are grouped according to the colour of their most conspicuous feature, usually flowers, with additional sections for trees and grasses. Within each colour group they are organised alphabetically by botanical family. A short description gives details of appearance, habitat, uses and worldwide distribution. Addition of a glossary of botanical terms, a bibliography and indexes of scientific and vernacular names, make this an invaluable reference work for botanists, conservationists, rangers and tourists.

Reprint Edition:First
Field Guide to the Wild Plants of Oman
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